About DBinsight

DBInsight Pty Ltd is a leading Queensland based provider of SQL Server services to Corporate and Government clients.


There are three main reasons that set us apart from our competitors:
  • First and foremost, our primary objective is to deliver a positive outcome to our clients. We will go the extra mile.
  • Our DBAs are constantly looking under the covers of the SQL Server components and features, probing the nuts and bolts, and acquiring knowledge and expertise that ultimately benefits our clients.
  • “Information and skills transfer” are not dirty words at DBInsight. We are not afraid to empower our client’s technical staff with our knowledge and expertise.

key people

Rob Risetto

Technical Director

Regarded by many as Australia’s finest SQL Server engineer, Rob has over 23 years’ experience in managing and designing database environments with over 12 years’ SQL Server experience. Rob’s efforts enabled Australia’s largest web hosting company to grow their SQL Server hosting business from a handful of databases

to 266 SQL Instances, 9000+ databases and 4.1 terabytes of data.
Rob’s experience includes over 50+ installations of SQL Server Clustering, SQL Server Replication including an installation of over 130 subscribers, Database Mirroring and Log Shipping across geographically separate locations, and extensive performance tuning skills.
Rob has consulted for a number of high profile SQL Server services companies since 2006.
In his spare time, Rob enjoys relaxing with his family and exploring the treasures of the Great South East.

David Tan

Senior DBA Consultant

David has over 10 years experience in administering MS SQL Server from 7.0 to SQL Server 2012. David has performed countless standalone and cluster installations, has excellent experience in Replication, Database Mirroring, Logshipping, Performance Tuning, Monitoring and VBscript.