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Cloud Based Monitoring – the TCO is Compelling
Posted by Rob Risetto on November 22, 2016

These days organisations are more comfortable and adept at deploying critical systems to the Cloud, however, the same support challenges faced in on-premise

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Licensing Active/Passive SQL Server Configurations in the Cloud
Posted by Rob Risetto on October 20, 2016

Note: SQL Server 2019 Licensing Guide supercedes the information in this post. (Post updated 1/09/2020)

Considering a SQL Server active/passive configuration in the Cloud?

If so, be prepared to fork out more in SQL Server licensing if

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SQL Server Failover between AWS and Azure using SQL 2014 Standard Edition
Posted by Rob Risetto on September 11, 2016

In Part 1 of this series I described how to create a three node, multi-site SQL Server 2014 cluster across two AWS servers

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SQL Server Failover between AWS and Azure – Part 1
Posted by Rob Risetto on June 01, 2016

We have all heard the story about the online business whose AWS account got hacked and had all of its Cloud inventory destroyed, then there’s the occasional scenario where a Cloud provider is totally disabled by a “core” infrastructure fault.

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Announcement – SQLRDS by DBInsight Now on the AWS Marketplace
Posted by Rob Risetto on May 25, 2016

The SQL Server Relational Database Services (SQLRDS) by DBInsight has now been released on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace site.

The AWS Marketplace link is here and the SQLRDS official site is www.sqlrds.com

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BI Corner – Analytics Wars, Excel\Power Pivot vs Tableau
Posted by Rob Risetto on May 10, 2016

This article from Rob Collie, What is Power Pivot’s #1 Competitor, was not only interesting because it highlighted where standard Excel falls down in analytics and how Tableau has exploited this for their own marketing. It also particularly interesting with respects to the two comparison charts showing the Time Investment Required vs

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Transactional Replication Performance and Virtual Log File Counts
Posted by Rob Risetto on April 19, 2016

Recently I came across a client that could not get their Transactional Replication data transfer to complete within a reasonable timeframe. Replication initialisation would work ok but from then on no data changes would make it through to the subscriber database.

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Transactional Replication Identity Column Hell
Posted by Rob Risetto on March 16, 2016

Recently I re-created 80+ Transactional Replication publications with Updateable Subscriptions as part of a data centre move.

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Transactional Replication VS Availability Groups for Read Only Workloads
Posted by Rob Risetto on March 10, 2016

The Transactional Replication (TR) is still one of my favourite parts of SQL Server, and provides some distinctive advantages over Always On Availability Group (AG) Read Only secondaries. The TR advantages include :

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Use Power BI to Forecast Server Capacity
Posted by Rob Risetto on February 22, 2016

Microsoft recently announced the Power View forecasting feature which is available when running Power View in HTML 5 format through their Power BI for Office 365 cloud offering. For those that don’t know, the Power BI for Office 365 official description is …

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