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2014 Predictions for SQL Server

Posted by Rob Risetto on February 05, 2015

At the beginning of each year I always like to check on what the head honchos/big hitters are predicting for the coming year, and then for gags I also come up with my own predictions. So here goes :

  1. SQL Server 2014 take up will be high for large corporates due to its new performance features.
  2. Microsoft will lose more market share for SQL Server in the small to medium organisation sector. Those SQL Server license fees are a killer. In fact one of my customers found it was more cost effective to port their application to MySQL then continue paying SQL Server license costs for new installations and software assurance for current installations.
  3. The take up of SQL Server in the cloud will continue to increase, and the Azure platform automation and features will start to nudge AWS.

Here’s some links to predictions made by the SQL Magazine writers.

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