Category: Performance

Transactional Replication Performance and Virtual Log File Counts
Posted by Rob Risetto on April 19, 2016

Recently I came across a client that could not get their Transactional Replication data transfer to complete within a reasonable timeframe. Replication initialisation would work ok but from then on no data changes would make it through to the subscriber database.

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Tuning Dynamic AX Master Resource Planning Process
Posted by Rob Risetto on July 06, 2015

Recently a client of mine was experiencing performance issues with the daily Master Resource Planning (MRP) process run, in particular, not only would it run for extended periods but it would also stop other users from performing their tasks.

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Host vs VM Guest Performance Counters, which is right?
Posted by Rob Risetto on May 02, 2015

I thought it would useful to highlight to readers that there can be differences in what a VM Guest performance counters show verses similar counters presented by the VMware performance charts. The following articles provide an insight into some of the discrepancies you may face.

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