Category: Database Backups

SQL Server Backup to/Restore from AWS S3 Storage
Posted by Rob Risetto on December 05, 2015

The use of AWS S3 storage to store SQL Server backups makes sense, firstly it is significantly cheaper than EBS, secondly you can encrypt what’s stored and thirdly you can manage backup file retention and lifecycle using inbuilt functionality.

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Protect Your SQL Server Backups in the Cloud
Posted by Rob Risetto on May 20, 2015

Consider the following situation, you create a database backup on a AWS virtual machine EBS disk and then move the backup file to Blob storage e.g. S3. However, you have switch on the Encryption option for your S3 storage. Is your database backup file fully protected? Yes, well, sort of.

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Improve the Restore Performance on AWS
Posted by Rob Risetto on January 20, 2014

Following on from my backup performance post, the next challenge was trying to restore a backup on the mirrored server within a reasonable time. In this case, a reasonable time was 3 to 4 hours as opposed to 12+ hours. Again the issue we faced on AWS was the 39 MB/sec throughput limit per high

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