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SQL Server Failover between AWS and Azure using SQL 2014 Standard Edition
Posted by Rob Risetto on September 11, 2016

In Part 1 of this series I described how to create a three node, multi-site SQL Server 2014 cluster across two AWS servers

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SQL Server Failover between AWS and Azure – Part 1
Posted by Rob Risetto on June 01, 2016

We have all heard the story about the online business whose AWS account got hacked and had all of its Cloud inventory destroyed, then there’s the occasional scenario where a Cloud provider is totally disabled by a “core” infrastructure fault.

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VMware Snapshot Kills Availability Group Cluster
Posted by Rob Risetto on January 20, 2016

Recently I was requested to investigate the Cluster failures underlying a SQL Server 2012 Always On Availability Group. The topology was a two node Windows 2012 cluster with a file share tie breaker as part of the Majority Node and File share Quorum model. The cluster servers were VMware 5.1 Guests and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise was the

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