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BI Corner – Old BI vs. New BI vs. Hybrid BI

Posted by Rob Risetto on July 19, 2014

Here’s an article by Mark Kromer (SQL Magazine – SQL Server BI Blog) on his views on the Old BI (traditional ETL/DW) vs. New BI (Big Data Hadoop) paradigms, and how a hybrid approach of traditional ETL/DW with Hadoop and MPP is emerging.

This quote from Mark provides an interesting insight to where BI may be heading.

“To me, the differentiators between “old BI” and “new BI” include the movement away from heavily pre-defined waterfall-ish EDWs and dashboards and more toward Agile free-flowing semi-structured data that requires data stores that can support maximum flexibility, agility, in-memory (i.e. break through the IOPS and IO scan barriers), distributed parallel processing power”

You can find the full article here.

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