Category: High Availability

VMware Snapshot Kills Availability Group Cluster
Posted by Rob Risetto on January 20, 2016

Recently I was requested to investigate the Cluster failures underlying a SQL Server 2012 Always On Availability Group. The topology was a two node Windows 2012 cluster with a file share tie breaker as part of the Majority Node and File share Quorum model. The cluster servers were VMware 5.1 Guests and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise was the

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Which Windows Version/Edition to Use for Availability Groups
Posted by Rob Risetto on September 23, 2015

In this SQL Server Pro article Save Thousands in Licensing Costs for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups Michael Campbell makes a case on why Windows 2012 Standard edition provides the best bang for buck in supporting your AlwaysOn Availability Group implementation.

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Migrating Database Mirroring to an Availability Group – No 2
Posted by Rob Risetto on August 09, 2015

Flowing on from my previous article Migrating Database Mirroring to an Availability Group I thought it might be worth posting the high level steps that worked for me in converting a SQL Server 2008 R2/Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Database Mirroring implementation into a two node Availability Group environment with the second

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