Category: Performance

Azure vs AWS: SQL Server Licensing Bang for Buck Comparison
Posted by Rob Risetto on April 02, 2015

A Microsoft representative mentioned in conversation that the Azure IaaS cloud VM provides better bang for buck than Amazon Web Services (AWS) when using your own SQL Server licenses.

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Preventative SQL Server Monitoring
Posted by Rob Risetto on March 23, 2015

This article (here) from LogicMonitor provides some interesting performance counters to review to isolate potential SQL Server performance issues. The performance counter charts are from the LogicMonitor monitoring tool, however, the same counters can be captured using your favourite performance counter capture tool.

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Is your SQL Server VM sluggish? Then Check out the VMWare CPU Ready {2ec0bbd3bfdf207d2f0779c26660c3798ccadae611e41b6dbc787103c4a85cdd}
Posted by Rob Risetto on March 10, 2015

On numerous occasions I’ve had customers complain about intermittent SQL Server performance only to find that the root cause was not the workload generated by the SQL Server VM but that the VMware environment was oversubscribed and was not providing sufficient CPU resources to the SQL Server when required.

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