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SQL in the AWS Cloud – SQL User Group PP Slides
Posted by Rob Risetto on November 08, 2014

Recently I presented the topic of SQL Server in the AWS Cloud to the Queensland SQL Server User Group. The presentation provided an overview of the potential SQL Server application use cases for the AWS Cloud, in particular, I demo-ed an AlwaysOn Availability Group failover from a AWS EC2 instance to a on-premise SQL

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Buffer Pool Extension Feature Road Test on AWS
Posted by Rob Risetto on October 23, 2014

One of the exciting new features coming out of the SQL Server 2014 release is the Buffer Pool Extension (BPE) option. BPE allows you extend the SQL Server Buffer Pool to fast IO devices like SSDs and therefore provides the equivalent of a level 2 cache. Basically SQL Server doesn’t have to retrieve data from slower disks for frequently

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Microsoft’s In Memory Strategy for SQL Server
Posted by Rob Risetto on September 20, 2014

It’s quite interesting that Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 release has a number of In Memory performance optimisation features.  The clock speeds of CPUs have not significantly increased over the last few years  but memory has become relativity cheap and the 64 bit Windows platforms now provide substantial scope to run high memory footprints.

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