Category: SQL Server Tools

Preventative SQL Server Monitoring
Posted by Rob Risetto on March 23, 2015

This article (here) from LogicMonitor provides some interesting performance counters to review to isolate potential SQL Server performance issues. The performance counter charts are from the LogicMonitor monitoring tool, however, the same counters can be captured using your favourite performance counter capture tool.

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Wait Statistics and FileIO Delta Capture Utilities Updated
Posted by Rob Risetto on February 26, 2015

Reviewing the deltas of Wait Statistics and Database File IO gives you a better indication of what is happening now on your SQL Server now and are not skewed by the historical accumulated values.

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Moving a SQL Cluster using Log Shipping
Posted by Rob Risetto on June 20, 2014

I recently had the requirement to configure log shipping in a SQL 2008 R2 Standard Edition environment. In my scenario, we needed to move a two node cluster to another floor but also attach it to a new SAN, have minimal downtime, no data loss and use the current server hardware.

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