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Design and Build a Data Warehouse in 65{2ec0bbd3bfdf207d2f0779c26660c3798ccadae611e41b6dbc787103c4a85cdd} Less Time

Posted by Rob Risetto on April 19, 2015

Recently DBInsight completed a major BI/Data Warehouse project in just 79 days, utilizing a new Data Warehouse development tool called Dimodelo Architect.

DBInsight built a data warehouse for Legal Aid Queensland with 28 Dimension and 20 Facts in just 79 days. This included gathering requirements, installing and configuring an SQL Server 2012/SharePoint 2010 environment, developing the Data Warehouse and ETL using Dimodelo Architect covering 7 business areas, creating a cube with many complex measures, fine grain security, several reports, implementing the ETL workflow and deploying to a UAT and Production environments.

What is Dimodelo Architect?

Dimodelo Architect is a Data Warehouse development environment you use to design and build generate a data warehouse. Dimodelo Architect captures your entire data warehouse design in a single Visual Studio project, then generates the staging and data warehouse databases, and high performance, industry best practice SSIS Packages. Dimodelo Architect also manages the deployment of the solution to a server, and the execution of ETL batches.

What are the Benefits of Dimodelo Architect?

  • Build a Data Warehouse fast. Dimodelo Architect dramatically reduces the effort required to design, build, deploy and run a Data Warehouse. In real life implementations, for the data warehouse part of the project, we are averaging 6.4 hours per dimension/fact. That’s designed, built, tested, scheduled and deployed to production.
  • Be Responsive to Change. Dimodelo Architect allows you to be truly agile, reducing the time of delivery, allowing you to respond to changes quickly and iterate through releases. The process is… make a design change -> change automatically propagate throughout solution -> Re-generate code -> one click deployment to Test -> done in 5 minutes -> get a coffee.“Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method…”
    Standish CHAOS Report 2011.
  • Stay focused on Reporting and Analytics … not lost in code. Concentrate your efforts on empowering the business with impressive Reporting and Analytics. Stay focused on business requirements and design not lost in code…
  • A Quality Solution. Dimodelo Architect utilizes best practice, tested and proven ETL patterns in its SSIS code generation.

If you would like to find out more about how DBInsight and Dimodelo Architect can accelerate you Data Warehouse development then please contact us on 1300 914 460 or email contact@dbinsight.com.au  and we can arrange a demo and trial software.

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