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Is Corporate BI Dead?

Posted by Rob Risetto on March 22, 2014

I’ve been following a number of threads featuring Self-Service BI vs. Corporate BI discussions. Some BI proponents are suggesting that Corporate BI is dead and that Self-Service BI, driven by the enhanced front-end products like of Excel 2013, PowerView, PowerPivot, are now making Corporate BI redundant.

Corporate BI typically incorporates a single view of the data that is cleansed and stored in data structures optimised for reporting (Dimensions and Fact tables). The data is located in a central Data Warehouse (DW) or Data Mart (DM), formal extraction/transformation/loading (ETL) processing updates the DW/DM databases, handles slowly changing dimensions, and maintains OLAP cubes for slicing and dicing analytics.  See BI Guru Chris Webb’s article (here) on why he thinks that Corporate BI is not dead but instead works hand in hand with the Self-Service BI. Check out the subsequent comments in his blog for the various opinions presented by seasoned BI professionals.

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