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Log Shipping Lite with Powershell – Free tool of the week

Posted by Rob Risetto on March 01, 2014

Here’s an article (here) on the implementing a log shipping solution using Powershell scripts. This article is from SQL Server Central, so you will need to register on the site to log in.

Anyway the article suggests this solution comes into play when you are constrained by

  • Standard Editions of SQL Server 2008, 2012
  • Concerns with the latency introduced on the primary by synchronous database mirroring
  • Do not require a Disaster Recovery solution
  • Do not want to, or do not have the space to store a second copy of backups files on the standby server

However, this article might also be useful if you want to log ship between different editions of SQL Server, for example, from a production Standard edition instance to a test server instance running the Developer edition.

This tool may also be useful if you are migrating databases on dedicated servers between web hosters, i.e. you want to minimise the cut over time at go live. The destination can be the same or a higher version of SQL Server.

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