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SQL Server 2014 Licensing Fine Print Shockers – Part 2

Posted by Rob Risetto on January 07, 2016

As a follow up to the May 2014 article SQL Server 2014 Licensing Fine Print Shockers (here), Microsoft have indicated that MSDN subscriptions licensing would be allowed on “Dedicated” AWS EC2 instances, so in this case you don’t have to use production licensing for a dev/test SQL Server on a EC2 instance. Note when you

provision a EC2 instance you can indicate if you want it to be a “Dedicated” instance, essentially only your VMs run on the physical server.

With respects to a passive failover SQL Server in AWS, if you use a “Dedicated” EC2 instance for the failover SQL instance then you can avoid the full production SQL Server licencing on the passive server.

The only issue with a dedicated EC2 instance is that you will pay more for the AWS hosting costs, however, you would have to assume that the monthly hosting costs would be less than the monthly costs of SQL Server 2014 Enterprise licensing subscription.

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