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SQL Server Failover between AWS and Azure – Part 1
Posted by Rob Risetto on June 01, 2016

We have all heard the story about the online business whose AWS account got hacked and had all of its Cloud inventory destroyed, then there’s the occasional scenario where a Cloud provider is totally disabled by a “core” infrastructure fault.

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Press Release: Relational Database Services (SQLRDS) Now Available
Posted by Rob Risetto on February 10, 2016

DBInsight today has announced the release of their new SQL Server Relational Database Services (SQLRDS) for cloud based and on-premise SQL Server environments.

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Cloud IaaS – Microsoft is gaining on AWS
Posted by Rob Risetto on December 27, 2015

Looking at the May 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant vs the August 2013, it quite evident that Microsoft Azure IaaS is catching AWS in terms of functionality, automation and innovation. They are not quite there yet but at the very least they are putting pressure on AWS and AWS is responding in parts by reducing their prices and

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